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Self Moving Guide



Why do some people opt for self moving when there are at liberty to choose from the several full service moving companies? There are essentially two reasons for this; the more important one is that they would like save on costs. The second reason, valid for many who choose this option is to experience the thrill and excitement of driving a truck or a van down the highway, as you relocate to another city. The cost-saving factor is usually the more pre-dominant factor in making this choice. Whatever people might say, relocation can be expensive especially if you have a large home and the new city of destination is not very close. Many people have a tight budget to work on and self moving is a good option for them.


The real meaning of self moving is when you do everything yourself. Starting from packing, hiring a truck, trailer or a van, loading and driving it and then on reaching the destination unload and unpack your goods. Though this sounds strenuous, there are enough people who are capable of doing the job like a professional. According to some people, self moving is a good cost saving option provided the distance to be traveled is not very long and the volume of goods to be transported is not very big. Be that as it may, one of the first jobs in self-moving is to finalize the truck rental. There are plenty of truck rental agencies spread across the country – which makes it difficult to make a selection. To get a truck rental agency which can meet all your requirements in terms of availability and rates you have to do some good research. The internet is a good place which can help you check and compare multiple rates and services of several truck providers at the same time. Make sure that the rental agency has good business track record and can offer you the best rates possible. There are several sizes of trucks which you can rent, depending on your need. If the load is small, you could hire van or a trailer which you hitch behind your personal car. The truck rental agencies also hire out dollies and padding which are great resources which you need for smooth packing.


There are many aspects of truck rentals which you must be aware of before you finalize the deal with any agency. Here are some pointers:

  • In case you want to avail of discounted rates in truck rentals, select months which do not belong to the ‘peak’ seasons – starting end May till end September.
  • People hire trucks mostly in summer months and during beginning or end of a month. During these times, truck availability is poor and the rates are high.
  • There are several one-way truck rental agencies which would charge you only for one-way fare. But all these details would have to be worked out in greater depth, so that you get the best deal.
  • The fuel consumption of the truck is another factor which deserves your attention. For this the condition of the truck is important. Check all mechanical and technical aspects of the vehicle before selecting any particular truck.
  • In case you have to take a small trailer to carry your snowmobile or boat, charges are extra for these additions.
  • There is hardly any space for extra passengers in a moving truck. So when doing your budgeting for relocation, remember that you have to arrange for your family’s moving separately, while you drive the truck.  


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