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storage pods

A pod, the short name for Portable on Demand Storage, is one of the newest introductions in the world of moving and storage solutions. People are gradually realizing its convenience ever since the first pod container was introduced in 1988. Considering that this form of moving and storage is relatively new, people are still in doubt regarding its safety, efficacy and convenience. If you are also one of those who have often heard about pods from your friends or colleagues but keen to know have more details, this article might provide you with more insight into pods. Pods are actually pre-fabricated containers which can serve the purpose of both moving as well as storage. As the name suggests, it is ‘portable’. This means that the container can be ordered to be brought to your premises, be it you residence or office, where you can take up to a month to load the items which you wish to store. Subsequently the same containers can be used for transporting your goods to any destination of your choice. One of the biggest advantages of using pods containers is that you can load your goods at your convenience – meaning you are never pushed or rushed to load, as you are used to with truck rentals. You do not even have to drive any heavy vehicle, as the pods container will be picked up by the pods company at a date and time suitable to you and transported to your chosen destination. The other big advantage of using pods containers is that the loading occurs at ground level. Unlike moving trucks where you have to walk along the ramp delicately balancing your goods in your hands or with the help of dollies, pods containers are at ground level. This means that you can simply walk through the container with the goods and stack it inside the storage space, without having to do any tight rope walking.

Pods have been found to be a convenient form of storage by both domestic as well as corporate customers. Considering its convenience of loading, safety and security aspects, many small and big business houses are using the storage space to store files and documents, excess inventories, seasonal merchandise, etc. There are many eminent retailers across the country who is stocking their seasonal as well as extra inventories in pods. These pods are very secure whether they are lying outside your front door or being stationed at the storage centers run by the pods company. Once you have finished loading the storable goods the pods company comes and picks up the container and keeps them at their well-secure storage centers. These centers are accessible 24 hours every day of the week and equipped with all the modern security gadgets.

The pods are lifted on to the moving truck using hydraulic lifts. This ensures that the goods inside the storage space are never shifted around. Since the entire process is machine-run, there is hardly any chance of breakage, damage etc. According to many eminent pods companies, damage during lifting or storing is hardly present, unless the soil on which the pods container is kept is soft or non-paved. Even then, the pods companies have responsible employees who take utmost care to prevent any damage during storage or loading.

All things considered, the current trend of moving storage pods is perhaps the best thing that has happened to the moving and storage scenario till date.

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