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Self Moving Guide


 Till recently, people who are thinking of relocating had only two options to choose from: hire the services of a professional moving company; or, contact a truck rental company and pack and load your goods on to the truck and drive the vehicle to the desired destination. Things have changed since then. Today, people have yet another option. This is called self-service moving which is essentially a self moving option, with much value added. This is an excellent option particularly for people who opt for self moving, primarily because this way they can make the relocation less expensive. This may be so, but the thought of driving a heavy truck down the highway, after putting in so much labor in packing and loading the truck, does not seem to appeal to many people. For such people, self-service moving is a boon, since all that is required is to pack your goods and load it in the truck and a professional driver takes your goods to the new destination. This is not only cost-effective, but can save you from the hassle and tension of driving a truck.


the entire process of self-service moving is simple and yet extremely convenient. Call up a self-service company, after doing adequate research on the matter, settle the rates, etc and then fix a date when the company would arrive and leave some crates (numbers depend on your need) at your front door or back yard, whichever is more convenient. You get approximately 30 days to pack your goods and load it inside the crates. Then the company driver would come on a pre-fixed date and remove the crate from your doorstep and transport it to your destination. This facility could also be used as a method of storage, where the crate is taken to the storage facility of the company and can remain there for as long as you like. In case you wish to move in first to be followed by your goods, which also can be arranged. What are the benefits of this system of relocation?

  • It saves you the hourly cost which you might have to pay to moving labor for packing and loading your goods.

  • The price of the move is calculated by the number of crates that are needed to pack your goods along with the distance that it has to travel.

  • You only pay for the space you have used and not for the entire truck.

  • You get standard moving insurance, from the self service moving company.

  • You get enough time to pack your goods and load them on to the crate, there is no one pushing you with deadlines.

  • The process of loading on to the crates is also convenient, since you do not have to pick up heavy goods in your arms. The level of the crate is usually at ground level. So you can simply walk right through and load your packages inside the crate. This prevents any chance of physical injury while loading.

  • This type of move can offer you great peace of mind since you do not have to drive the truck all the way to the destination. There is no worrying about truck breaking down mid-way, facing inclement weather on the way, etc.

As you can see, self-service moving is all about adding more convenience to your relocation plans without much increase in your cost.


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